The First Moroccan Meal’s in The World

Moroccan cuisine is very healthy, at least in general. Most dishes contain vegetables and rely on whole grains, freshly prepared food, spices and sweet fruit rather than refined sugar and deep-frying. They use lamb which is leaner than red meat, and couscous which is healthier than rice. But the health aspect isn’t the only reason I love Moroccan food. The delicious combination of mouth-watering flavors is what makes it unique… Oh, the flavors. Influenced over thousands of years by Berber, Jewish and Arab cultures, today’s Moroccan food is an exciting blend of spices and textures. The Berber influence is seen in the mobile way of cooking: grilled or slow cooking over hot coals, and breads and dips you can eat with your hands. Arabs introduced lamb, sweets and dates, while Jews brought their pickled lemons and the olives .

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