Moroccan cinnamon orange

Ingredients (6 people) : 8 juicy oranges + 2 others for juice 2 cases of brown sugar or brown sugar 3 cases of orange blossom water 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder Icing sugar Preparation : Peel the oranges carefully, taking care to gently remove the zest (white part under the zest of a citrus fruit). … Continue reading Moroccan cinnamon orange


Seffa Medfouna is a famous Moroccan dish. When traveling to Morocco for a Cooking Vacation or to take a Moroccan Cooking Workshop Seffa Medfouna is one of the options that Moroccan travelers can learn to make. Seffa Medfouna is made with crushed or fried almonds, cinnamon, raisins, fine vermicelli noodles and powdered sugar. Seffa Medfouna is typically served in Morocco before a meal. This light … Continue reading MOROCCAN SEFFA MEDFOUNA RECIPE

Recipes Using Ras El Hanout

Are you looking for ways in which to try cooking with the classic Moroccan spice mix of Ras El Hanout ? You can add it to spice rubs, marinades, soups, and other recipes, or use this list for inspiration on how to season dishes with Ras El Hanout’s complex blend of flavors. You can buy Ras El Hanout online or … Continue reading Recipes Using Ras El Hanout

Easy Classic Brioche

Brioche is considered one of the most famous French bread. It is both light and sweet yet also incredibly rich in flavor which makes it one of most versatile bread and delicious with both savory foods and sweet.  A Brioche dough is extremely workable, and not difficult to make though you may want to save this recipe … Continue reading Easy Classic Brioche