Sausage and Egg Tagine

Sausage and eggs are Moroccan comfort food, quickly prepared by cooking sausage and adding eggs to the pan. Here, this simple dish is elevated by adding some onion, tomatoes and olives along with the meat . Moroccans often serve egg dishes directly from the pan in which they’re cooked, using crusty Moroccan bread in lieu of a … Continue reading Sausage and Egg Tagine

Moroccan Chicken Bastilla

Chicken bastilla is Morocco’s famous chicken pie. A light, crispy warqa pastry shell conceals savory saffron chicken, spicy omelet stuffing, and a crunchy topping of fried almonds sweetened with orange flower water. A garnish of powdered sugar and cinnamon adds to the unique blend of flavors. This authentic recipe does take some time to prepare, but you’ll find it well … Continue reading Moroccan Chicken Bastilla